Sacramento Homeless Services Dashboard

Homelessness poses a major challenge to Sacramento, California. This dashboard was developed to help the community visualize the volume of homeless-related services, how many people find permanent housing through these programs, and the demographics of those who use the services. The data comes from Sacramento's Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), which is used by local homeless service providers within Sacramento County to coordinate care, manage their operations, and better serve those in need of homeless services (referred to in this dashboard as clients). As of early 2020, the most recent public data is through August 2019. The raw data can be accessed at Code for Sacramento.

HMIS data provides additional perspective to the more widely reported Point in Time (PIT) Count. The 2019 Sacramento Homeless PIT Count indicated that 5,570 persons experience homelessness on a given night, an increase of 19% countywide compared to 2017. A count is held every two years and was last conducted over two nights in January 2019 (Source). In contrast, HMIS provides more granular data over time and specific to those who receive services. Note that not all who are homeless are represented in the HMIS data below, as not all seek or receive services, and some services are designed to prevent homelessness.


Total volume is shown by default, but you can view volume by program type using the "Select Program Type" dropdown menu.


Year Average Days to Permanent Housing Percentage of Exits to Permanent Housing

* Cannot calculate 2019 average days accurately due to incomplete data